The Gear

8579152142_7e4a4ccae6_z With such a large collection of vintage instruments on stage, and the revival of interest in analogue sounds in many areas of modern music, members of the audience are often curious about the gear itself. A lot of this equipment is over 40 years old, and while this can lead to interesting electrical problems during set-up, the sounds produced have a richness and character that is often lacking from today’s digital equipment.

Moog synthesizers certainly contribute a great deal to the ensemble sound, but not all the equipment is from this manufacturer. Korg and Roland synths are also used, along with more esoteric brands such as Macbeth and Doepfer. The common factor is that they all employ analogue circuitry, which is to say they are not derived from a computer. This has the advantage that it’s often possible to fix them with a soldering iron and a handful of standard electronic bits and pieces, but on the other hand you are often left searching the web for unusual parts whose manufacturers have long since ceased trading. One of the reasons for the sound and the longevity of some of these instruments turns out to be that they sometimes used military grade components left over from the Second World War!